Let Your Jaw Heal With Our Treatment

Your TMJs are joints situated on either side of your head. They allow you to open and close your mouth. If they aren’t working properly, you can experience pain when talking, eating, laughing, and yawning. Researchers aren’t certain of all the causes of TMJ pain (also called TMD), but they do know that teeth grinding is both a cause of and a symptom of this disorder.

The good news is, we can treat your TMJ pain with a custom oral appliance. We’ll take impressions, so our lab partner can craft your new appliance to perfectly fit your mouth. You’ll wear it at night. It will:

  • Gently move your lower jaw forward to relieve tension on your jaw joints
  • Enable your TMJs to begin the healing process, so you can soon be pain-free
  • Allow you to get a comfortable night’s sleep and wake up without a sore jaw
  • Keep your teeth apart so you can’t grind them while sleeping

Over time, teeth grinding can damage your tooth enamel and require restorative dentistry to repair the damage. Treating your TMJ problems now will not only help your jaw feel better, it can also help prevent the need for future dental work.

If you think you might need TMJ treatment in Stayton, call B.C. Nelson, D.D.S. today at 888-221-6431. You can also request an appointment online.