Relax & Leave Everything to Our Skilled Team

There are many kinds of dental patients. Some breeze through their appointments with no anxiety at all, whereas others break out in a sweat just thinking about having someone work on our mouth. If you fall into the latter category, rest assured that our team is well equipped to help you relax and get the care your smile needs to shine.

Our calming, soothing staff will take time to answer your questions and make sure you have all the information you need before any work is done. In addition, you can take advantage of an anti-anxiety pill that will produce a sense of calm from head to toe. You’ll take it before your appointment so that you’re completely relaxed by the time we begin. We also have blankets on hand to chase away the chill, and you’re welcome to bring your headphones to listen to your favorite music.

In short, we’ll do all we can to make your time with us pleasant and memorable for all the right reasons. We take relieving dental anxiety in Stayton seriously, and it shows. Call B.C. Nelson, DDS today at 888-221-6431 to schedule your next appointment for gentle dental care. You can also request an appointment online.